Friday, 9 November 2012

The Value Of Your Personal Brand Is Tantamount To Your Reputation...

I think some are confused about the real meaning of Personal Branding. In many cases, it's thought to be solely an online tool to increase one's profile. Of course it can do that and that's all well and good. Others believe its primary function is to assist us with being discovered online by recruitment companies and the like. You get the picture. In short, by many, Personal Branding is considered to give one an elevated online profile.

While it's important to ensure that we prominently promote ourselves online, equally as important, is how we promote ourselves.  First, ask yourself what your purpose is. I come across many men and women who say their only purpose in life is to support their family, or, to climb the corporate ladder. And whilst these goals and aspirations are worthy, in my opinion they are not enough. To be able to live a fuller life, we need to establish our purpose; something far bigger than generic personal, or family goals. This means discovering what we are here to do. Better still, what kind of legacy we wish to leave.
I firmly believe that each of us need to have a purpose that as well as being personally motivated, is universally motivated. That's to say, bigger than just about us and/or our nearest and dearest. The world is more connected now, more than it ever has been, which means we now have the means to communicate with far more people than we ever have. We have the opportunity to let large numbers  know who we are, moreover, how we can affect their lives. Some of us will write a book, others teach, perhaps help a charity, or maybe learn a new skill that will have a positive impact on others.  

It doesn't matter what your purpose is, what does matter is that you have one. For instance, you might decide to help an elderly neighbour with their shopping. Perhaps visit someone in a home or hospital. Give a small amount of cash to a charity. These relatively small acts of generosity tend to ignite our ability to think outside the box. Furthermore, these kinds of deeds lead us to releasing dopamine, affectionately known as the "happy hormone." In addition, it kick starts the process of us developing our bigger purpose with greater ease and leads us to greater self discovery.
We now have the facility to spread our word both quicker and more effectively than any other time in history. Surely we can make our purpose wider than just about what we personally want.  Our reputation can be further enhanced, or damaged according to how we portray ourselves. And in order to enhance our reputation, to a degree, will depend how others talk about us. In addition, we need to become kinder, more thoughtful and generous. These three characteristics will change our way of thinking, and change the way we are perceived. 
Garnering a top-notch reputation is no mean feat. First, you must know what your purpose is. It's not enough to say 'My purpose is to be a great provider to my family.' Of course that's important and something to be proud of. My point is, that in order to garner a stellar reputation, we need to be known for what we do outside of our personal life. For instance, my purpose, outside my personal life is to help and guide men and women to become more authentic. Discovering yours will be a life changing event. 
To discover your purpose follow the steps below:

* Consider doing something for somebody else - unconditionally

* Think of goals that include others outside of your nearest and dearest

* Give of yourself to those less fortunate than you

* Express gratitude for what you do have

* Do consider how it might be for others - who are less fortunate than you

* Use kindness and empathy towards others if need be



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Claire Itaame said...

my life purpose is to empower as many people as humanly possible to live happy, healthy and wealthy lives. I do this by coaching people who are creating businesses that promote and encourage happiness, health and wealth; in their products/services and in their policies, positively affecting their customers, suppliers, employers and all whom come into contact with the business.

It's what makes me happy :)