Monday, 2 May 2011

This blog was inspired by my recent Personal Branding workshop in London. Each of the attendees were open, receptive and desirous to know how they could further develop their Personal Brand.

I began by explaining that each of us has a Personal Brand. In essence, it’s what others say about us when we are not in the room – our reputation. And in order to be in more control of our reputation, largely, will depend on our attitude, behaviour and the way we communicate. In addition, our listening skills, ability to engage and build rapport are paramount.

By asking 'good questions', we are able to engage with greater expedience and to connect to others. By showing genuine interest in the other person, by default, we come across as more interesting. Generally, people love it when we remember something relevant about them, it often surprises them. And if this is in a business context, it doesn’t have to be about business! This is a delicate balance: not too personal, but always personable.

In order for our brand to have greater influence, particularly in these challenging times, people want us to be authentic. The word authenticity can mean many things, including ‘genuine’, or ‘real.’ The dictionary’s meaning I’m attaching to the word is undisputed credibility. And to be known as someone who has undisputed credibility; of course, you have to know your stuff.

We've all met people who are deeply experienced, and know their subject inside out. However, when it comes to communicating what they know to others, they often fall short. That's because to be able to communicate your experience and knowledge, entails courage, self belief and being true to who you are. Also, it's important that you firmly believe that your knowledge/experience is something that will benefit others.

Here, it helps to have emotional resilience - an ability to bounce back. This one characteristic sends a very posiitve message to one and all. As if by osmosis, it sows the seed of optimism, enthusiasm, passion and self-belief within us. And in many ways, when those qualities are in place, getting our message across becomes far easier. Moreover, we gain more meaning in our life, because we know we are bringing more meaning to the lives of others.

I do believe my workshops encourage, support and enable people to leave the event inspired and motivated to take actions that otherwise might not have occcurred to them. My next workshop is on June 28. If you would like more information, please contact me at: