Monday, 8 September 2008

Right Here, Right Now...

The life we have now, Is It: this is our one opportunity to get it right. And in order for us do this, we need to be reminded of how to live in the now. However, living in the present and not the future has become a bit of an anathema. Therefore, we need to learn how we can achieve a state that enables us to be grateful, kinder, more conscious and self-reflective. If we imbue these characteristics, we’ll be far more appreciative of what we actually have and less focused on what we don’t have or continue to crave. This is how we can begin to achieve a sense of well-being, or wholeness, something we all want. Dr. Robert Cialdini, bestselling author of Influence: Science and Practice says that one of the ways we can influence people is by being ‘nice.’ It’s interesting to note that David Cameron is now taking advice from Dr. Cialdini.

The Sunday Times Style magazine recently had an article in it called The Power of Now. Seven writers were asked if they’ve learned to appreciate the present. I was struck by one writer who said, “People realise experiences are remembered. What you hold in your heart is more powerful than what you hold in your hand.” The writer, Rosie Boycott said, “All we have is this moment: don’t throw it away, because it sure as hell isn’t coming back.”

Joe Pine, co-author of The Experience Economy, predicts that economy will be driven by transformation. “People will grow tired of fleeting experiences and search for more meaningful ones that transform us into better people – physically, spiritually, and psychologically.” Zoe Lazarus, the trend consultant who coined Generation Now, says: “Nowadays, things are outmoded almost before they have arrived. This collective myopia and speed of change affect what we value.” Generation Now, she says, is a rebellious countertrend to the fact that we should be slowing down and valuing things that take time.

I’d be very interested to know what you think about these views regarding the power of now, or should I say, weaning ourselves off of the addiction to having it all, now. Any and all comments are welcome.