Sunday, 31 October 2010

Turning Your Facets into Assets

As a Personal Branding coach, I come across a wide variety of men and women, each from different backgrounds, and varied professions. When I talk about ‘change’, particularly in the context of being more authentic, I often hear people say, “This is who I am, if I change, I won’t be authentic.” However, when I point out each of us is similar to a diamond, multi-faceted and unique, the conversation moves in a different direction. If we think of ourselves as a multi faceted diamond, and consider that some of our facets are due for a polish, we can access change for the better.

So many of us only show certain facets of our personality to the outside world. This could stem from self consciousness, conditioning, or because we’re just not prepared, or comfortable disclosing more than we think or feel is necessary. Often, this is an outcome of deciding to conform to cultural norms, peer pressure, or our business environment. In essence, I don’t ask people to change, as such - I suggest that they consider using various facets of their uniqueness to express their true authenticity. And by doing so, as if by osmosis, experience positive changes within themselves. Changes that will further support them to be true to who they are. In many ways, it’s about offering a more expansive and truer version of ourselves to the world.

So think not of changing, but spending some time acknowledging and embracing all of your facets - the whole you. And thereby, discover that by shifting from one facet to another, you’re not being inauthentic, in fact, quite the reverse, you are being more authentic. Treat this experience as an opportunity to reveal the jewel in your crown, and by so doing, giving yourself permission to ‘Show Up’.

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