Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Here’s the Good News for 2009…

Towards the end of 2008 I felt very strongly that 2009 would be a very good year. And in spite of the media onslaught of negativity, I’ve been able to remain optimistic. One thing that has enabled me to stay positive is my determination. In part, this has come about because I don’t trust the media and the way they tell ‘stories.’ We all know that good news doesn’t sell and that bad news does. Well, I for one am no longer buying that story. I’ve had enough. Anyway, how many times do we need to be reminded that we’re facing huge global challenges and living in a new financial climate?

So, as a riposte to the media, naysayers and the doom and gloom merchants, here’s some of the good news for 2009:

Housing – “Affordability will improve in 2009. Which is good news for first time buyers” – Fionnuala Earley, Chief Economist, Nationwide

The Footsie – “City analysts are predicting a healthy rally for shares in 2009…” – Kathryn Cooper, The Sunday Times

The Economy – “Even if the economy shrinks by 2 per cent next year, it will still be as big as it was at the beginning of 2007, and 25 per cent bigger than ten years ago” – Andrew Ellson, Personal Finance Editor, The Times, December 2008.

The good news is out there, we just have to find it. One of the reasons I’ve decided to make it my mission to find better and good news is because, like my clients, I want to feel happier. And we can achieve a state of happiness by being optimistic, imbuing a positive attitude and not giving in to the negativity that’s out there.

Researchers say, optimists do better at work, respond better to stress, suffer fewer depressive episodes and achieve more personal goals, than pessimists. I fully understand that this way of thinking might be a stretch for some. Think of it as learning how to ride a bike, cook or getting fit: practice, practice, practice. As Matthieu Ricard, who has been described as the happiest man in the world has said,
“Genuine happiness is a skill it takes time to develop."


Steve said...

Couldn't agree with you more Malcolm! I think because the whole stock-market thing is based on CONFIDENCE, the constant reminder by the media that we're heading for a recession has made it a self-fulfilling prophecy that we would hit bad times!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are probably right, I think it is all about mind games.
Install negativity in the community and you will receive the same back, but on the other hand install POSITIVITY and that most certainly will evolve.
I have had a similar experience at work, and yes have to say that positivity is beginning to rub off.


Malcolm Levene said...

Thanks, Steve.

Like you, I think the constant onslaught from the media about recession, in part, is generating a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Let's all endeavour to buck the trend...

Ixtlan said...

Completely agree. The fallout brings great opportunity and that's what we should be focusing on.